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3D - Shinjuku Penthouse by Doublecrash

I love the lighting in this but I wonder if the angle of the lighting should give a harder shadow from the middle shades over the sofa ...


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Classic Shoe Finalized by endamist
Classic Shoe Finalized
I finished this shoe finally.  adding it's texture changer hud and sizing scripts.  setting up it's preview images and demo objects in world.  I was really happy with the results of the object.  I think on the next set though I am going to look into a better method for the textures.  The various colors on this shoe appeared best when advanced lighting was turned on.  That was because I had both the normal maps and specular maps added into the materials.  Something I rarely ever do.  however when you go to lower graphics settings you don't get the vivid and wonderful texture that it truly is.  Many people do not use high graphics because Second life can be such a drain on their systems as it is.  which was why before I was baking all of my textures.  These last two projects I wanted to see what happened when I used the materials instead.  As much as I love the results you just can't see it unless you are using that advanced lightly.  So I may go back to baking it all into the single texture.  uploads are much less costly as well if you don't have to upload all of the bump but I will have to see what turns out the best on the next run through.

Thanks for viewing.  This image is a high quality snapshot from Second life.
Highheels Preview by endamist
Highheels Preview
The last set of shoes was for mid level pumps this one is for a high level with a thicker heel. This image is rendered in blender but does not contain any normal mapping or other materials.  I had to work on the texture for the soul to get it to look right.  Don't ask me what the shoe kick is all about lately.  I just started making them and ended up making more.  eventually I will get board with shoes like I do with various other things. 
Snake Skin Shoe Sign by endamist
Snake Skin Shoe Sign
If you have been watching my uploads and submissions you may have seen these without any materials added.  When I finished this item I added some color variations and Materials to my in world version as well as my blender version. 
shoes by endamist
high heels.  just a file I was messing around with building
It's been a while since I have posted any journal messages here.  For those that contact me here and have been around for a long time you already know I don't always check my deviant art page.  As passionate as I am with digital art, and 3d art lately I still just can't commit as much time to it as I would like to.  The truth is if I could I would probably do it 24/7 if I could.  

Some of the things I have currently been working on you can see in my gallery some I just never have posted here.  I have made several items for in world gaming like the lantern I posted images of.  Before that I put together a tutor style house that I never uploaded images to here.  I've posted many tutorials on YouTube sharing some of the methods I have learned along the way also that no one on Deviant art has ever been aware of.  I have a couple of blog pages related to Art also that few people realize I do.  

My most recent work has been on the 3D Bedroom.  I have always been fascinated by the architectural aspects of 3D modeling.  It was actually at one time my very first plan for college after high school.  I wanted to take architecture and then add Interior Design to the mix.  Unfortunately when you grow up poor survival and the things you have to do in order to survive can really squash your dreams.  I ended up eventually taking nutrition and health related studies in college.  I hold an Associates in Dietetics and have half of the course work for RHIT (that's registered health information Technologies for those who don't know which involved allot of medical coding)  Neither of those things is a passion for me they are just Technical knowledge that I was good with.  I am much more passionate about art, digital art, 3D modeling and the like.  Time and money being my only enemy in my process of teaching myself these things.  Well that and my mother whom when I was younger always claimed my interest in doing something with art was a pipe dream.  she's eating those words these days to bad I used to listen to her beliefs and let it kill or seriously delay my dreams. 

Anyway I have backed away from the in world stuff just a little to learn some other stuff on realistic renders.  That is part of the bedroom set images you can see a bit of the process and part of the transformation that my bed project went through as I worked on that.  I do have to give a bit of thanks to Andrew Price with Blender Guru on YouTube and of course his own pages.  I can't afford his paid content at this time but I have to say I admire the young man for what he knows how to do with blender and perhaps I envy him for having learned it at a younger age than me.  I have learned quite a bit by watching his videos and working through some of the little projects he offered at no cost. 

That might mean I will have more of this to show as I work on my own related projects.  I am going to look through my files though and post the previous images of my tutor house.  I am thinking that I may rework the textures on this to include better materials and use some of the information about reducing the fire flies on my baked textures for it.  The house model turned out well and I was pleased that I was able to keep the poly count some what in check.  it was still a little more than I would have liked for it to be but it wasn't bad at all. 

I don't know how often I will be able to post new stuff here since I am working again and looking for more work.  Although I would prefer it to be art related,  sometimes you just have to survive.  yes I am the starving artist. 

I'm not really sure how well I am doing since I don't get a whole lot of feed back here.  I don't mind helpful comments but if your just posting to be a troll .... thanks but no thanks I think we have enough trolls on the internet we don't really care or need more.  No offense but poking fun or messing with someone just to be doing it gets old after awhile.  it's just the same old tired lame stuff from trolls really. 


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Everyday table top decorations
Decorative Table Boxes by endamist
Trinket Box by endamist
Christmas Center Piece by endamist
Table top decoration Mesh or 3D models.  Small projects only.  All mesh will be made through the use of blender and provided in Object format unless other is agreed on.  Textures will be supplied as either .jpg or .png for the model.  Limited to diffuse, normal map and Specular map. 

I will not produce mesh/3d models that resembles things that are copyright protected.  so no asking for mickey and mini mouse wedding cake topper isn't going to get you anywhere.  (seriously I have seen people ask for that) 

my focus is more or less everyday objects. 



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